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Message du president de Fraternity FC a tous les membres, amis et familles

First award ceremony 2011 Eplanet.com Fraternity FC Players Invitation aux festivités de fin de saison 2011

Cher Membre,
Nous avons l’honneur de vous inviter très cordialement à venir assister aux festivités marquant la fin de saison 2011 qui se dérouleront le dimanche 16 Octobre 2011 à 10:00 heures.

En effet,  pour marquer la fin de saison de football 2011, l’équipe Fraternité FC va se livrer un match de football intra-équipe (équipe A vs équipe B) suivi d’une .........

Fraternity FC will host its annual award ceremony

award 2011The season 2010-2011 has come to an end as fraternity Football Club will host an awarded ceremony for the first time in the history of the club. All members and special guesses are encourage to participate, and assist the current executive committee to award members and players who went beyond the merit and showed hard work for a better future of the club.
The president of Fraternity FC, Eric Gbotcho, is reaching out to all members and players or anyone who is willing to join the club to come and eye witness the first ever award ceremony of the club.


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Fraternity FC Vs. Kanleto FC (1-0)

Fraternity FC put fire on Kalento FCOne more win for Fraternity Football Club for a record of 4-1-0. Still undefeated, Fraternity FC, over shadow by its new executive committee led by Eric, Abevi, Coco, Amah and others take on another victim for the week-end. Kanleto FC of Philadelphia came in town to take revenge for the second time. But unfortunately, they drove back to Philadelphia with a 1-0 lost even though they came with a fully loaded team of experience and talented players that we have never played against before.

But Faternity FC well organized in the middle field with a passing game find the way to control and win the game....

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Shalom FC Vs Fraternity FC. Another winning for a record of 4-3-1 and 0 lost

Fraternity Football Club was back in action against another soccer team from Maryland, Shalom FC. It didn’t take longer for Fraternity FC player to take action, Dove score a beautiful penalty kick that help Fraternity FC to take the lead. But the home team Shalom FC managed to find the net by a well taking free kick that lead to a 1-1 score at the end of the first half. At the end of the game, Fraternity Fc like always found or manage to .......


Fraternity FC VS Aiglons FC, a friendly game that lead Fraternity to a 2-0 win

All frineds and visitor were amazed by the performance of both teams especially in the second half. It was more than a friendly game. after the official openning of the game by it honorable guess, Mr Tata Avlessi, Fraternity fc wasted no time to take action. First half, Faternity FC start the game very well as plan it. On the Aiglons FC side, lack of practice had caused aiglons defense to make mistake that allow Marc Wallace to find his way to beat the Number 1 Goal keeper of aiglons FC .

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Game Results and Calenders
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  • Top Goal Scer
Home Team     Away Team
Fraternity FC 1 0 Kanleto FC
Shalom FC 1 3 Fraternity FC
Fraternity FC 3 3 All Star MD
Fraternity FC 2 0 Aiglons FC
kanleto FC 3 4 Fraternity FC
Rank Names GL G-Scored
1 Clement 4 4
2 Jerome 3 2
3 Zidane 4 2
4 Ife 3 1
5 Abevi 4 1
- Marc 4 1
- Coco Ash 4 1
- Dove 4 1



Status and Regulations

The newer and updated rules and regulations of Fraternity Football Club (FFC) have been posted to make them available to all its member s in a way to get access to at any time and as needed. It will be no excused for any member to state that he does not have or is not aware of these regulations since many articles had been changed or updated last April. Click on the link bellow to print. They can also be printed throughout the site.


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